About MuzenikArt

Hello! I’m Banashree, the artist behind MuzenikArt, a digital artist from India, who loves to draw girls and add glow, lighting effects to her art.

I have started my journey as an artist in 2016. I got my first iPad in 2018 and created an Instagram page to share all my art in Procreate , that’s when I used the name Muzenik for the first time, it’s inspired by the word MUSE.

I absolutely loved playing with all the tools Procreate offered back then and, realised how brushes can make a huge difference in your drawing process. I started to try different settings for sketching, creating line art, coloring and blending. After several trials and errors I made 10 brushes that I absolutely loved using, which are now available as Procreate Painting Brushes by MuzenikArt

Now I’m a full time freelance artist and I share my art and process videos regularly on Instagram . I also teach my process and make tutorials for beginner artists on Skillshare.

You can read my blogposts on growing as an artist on Patreon