5 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Followings as an Artist

If you search for ways to get Instagram followers on the internet I’m sure you will find so many different ways but, the problem is most of them don’t actually work. I know because at some point I have tried several of them but hardly noticed any difference. Actually the thing is, even though there are several ways to grow your audience on Instagram, not every approach works for everyone, plus Instagram’s algorithms are not very easy to keep up with. To know which approach/approaches actually work for you, you need to try them yourself and figure out, but still there are a few things any artist can do that are sure to work if done consistently and, today I’m going share 5 different ways out of several ways I experimented with, which actually worked pretty well for me. But please don’t expect them to work right away, cause as I mentioned earlier without consistency, nothing will work unless you are someone famous. Another thing I would like to mention here, I really think having thousands of followers doesn’t really matter much if they don’t really appreciate your work. So I highly recommend focusing on quality followers instead of trying to increase numbers, having 100 followers who respect your art is far better than having 1000 followers who don’t give a damn about what you are creating.

  1. Find like minded people: Find artists with a similar level of skills as you and artists who inspire you to keep drawing and, follow them, engage with their contents. Specially engage with people who you think have similar taste in art as you. For example, if you love to draw Disney characters, it’s a good idea to follow artists who likes the same.
  2. Post everyday: If you are just getting started posting every day can make a huge difference. I have realised staying consistent is the key to almost everything. I know it sounds impossible at first, but trust me once you start doing it it keeps getting easier and after a while posting regularly won’t seem like a problem at all.
  3. Join art challenges: Specially #DTIYS challenges, they are always fun to do and it helps your artwork get noticed even more. 
  4. Engage with your followers: Always reply to comments and messages (when possible) When you don’t reply to comments when it’s totally possible for you, it’s very unlikely that the same person would want to comment on your post for the second time, so be sure to reply.
  5. Use all the features Instagram offers:Instagram has several ways to share content, from feed post to reels and, who knows they might add more in future, lol; but, most users hardly use them all, so be sure to take advantage of them all and see which one is bringing you more viewers and helping you get more quality followers; personally, I have noticed reels gets more views than feed video posts. Therefore, try all of them and stick to those that performs well.


Relax and take it easy! Be improvement oriented rather than focusing on getting followers. And try your best not to compare your progress with others. Always remember to be grateful for the followers and supporters you have instead of worrying about not having more, be grateful for each and everyone who liked, commented on your post instead of expecting more.

I am sharing this as a bonus because I have experienced all those negative emotions myself, but, with time I realised they are only draining my energy and most importantly none of them truly matter.

Hope you guys found the post helpful. I would love to know if you have any Instagram hacks that you found useful, so please feel free to share it in the comment section.

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  • Hello Nikita! I am so glad you found it useful. From my experience I would say don’t expect others to appreciate your work, but learn to appreciate them yourself first. When you expect others to recognise your art or appreciate it only leads to disappointment when they don’t, that’s exactly why I mentioned to be grateful for the support you have, even when it’s not much. When you do that you care less about others and your focus goes directly to creating art than worrying about not getting appreciation. And without those distractions you feel free, you enjoy the process more, you improve more and, when that happens and you stay consistent people will notice. I totally understand that it’s not that easy as it sound, but believe me, most of the things start happening when you simply stop caring about it.

    Muzenik (Author)
  • Hello Clo! If you have enough time to maintain 2 accounts I recommend you to go for it, because if someone has followed you for your cute girls they usually expect your drawings to be cute but, when you post something different they might end up unfollowing you or simply won’t engage. However, if you mostly post kawaii girls and very few adult drawings or, mostly adult drawings and, very few cute artworks then you can just keep one account. And, if you post almost the same numbers of cute art and adult artworks then having 2 accounts would be better.

    Muzenik (Author)
  • Hello ☺️

    Thank you for this post it’s very interesting ! I have a question :
    I’m a bipolar artist lmao, I love to draw beautiful girls like a lot of people, a style which is more « adult » but I really love to draw very cute stuff too, ( especially with markers, traditionally ) like chibi and kawaii art. I just started an art account, where I post all my digital girls illustrations. I wondering if it’s better to open a new account especially for my « kawaii art » or to mix both in one account. I wondering because I know the feed is really important in first place, and I’m afraid to scare people if we find 2 different style in my account…so it is a strength or a weakness to keep 1 account for both ?

    Thank you ☺️

  • Your points are really amazing, surely I will try all those.But as an small artist I don’t even get appreciated much for my works. Hope so one day my hardwork lead to success.
    Much love for all your artworks, you are really talented. Keep up with your good works ❤

    Nikita Singha

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