How to make it GLOW

Today I’m going to show you one of my ways to make things GLOW . I already have few tutorials on creating glow on my Patreon but, as not all of you have access to it so I decided to share this one. You can watch the process video and download the layered Procreate file on Patreon if want.

Before you proceed make sure the background you are using for the glow has a dark shade of whatever color you are using. It can be a solid background or an illustration like mine. See the example below to know how I turn light colors to dark almost instantly with little effort.  

Adding glow in procreate

Now time to add Glow 

Step 1: First create a new layer above the background layer and draw something you want to add glow to, use white or another light color. I have made a crescent moon. If you are familiar with my art you probably know already that I’m obsessed with the crescent moon

Watch how to make a perfect Crescent Moon easily in Procreate & ibisPaint  

Adding Glow in Procreate

Step 2 : Duplicate the last layer and, change its color to whatever color you want the glow to be. I am using a medium shade of orange. Then apply gaussian blur based on your preference and drag the layer underneath the first drawing layer. Next change blend mode to Overlay.

How to make things glow in digital art

Step 3 : Now duplicate the overlay layer 1-2 times and change blend mode to Add; use 1or 2 Add layers for soft glow and for intense glow you can include few extra Add and Overlay layers, but don’t overdo it. I recommend you to stick to maximum 5 layers and play around a bit to understand the blend modes better. Lastly drag the Add layers to top and you are done.

Make it glow Procreate

Watch the Process Video on Patreon

Get my Procreate Glow Brushes for a discounted price to instantly add Glow to anything you want 

Watch another Glow tutorial on YouTube ( process might be a little different as I don’t follow exactly the same pattern every time)

Take my Skillshare Class 3 Different ways to add Glow to your art to learn more ways to add glow 

How to make things glow in digital art

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