How to Draw a Face from Front View - A step by step tutorial

DRAWING A FACE STEP BY STEP TUTORIALStep 1: Draw an oval as shown in the picture below (sketch 1). If you want to make  the character’s eyes big then make it a circle instead of an oval so that you have more space to draw the eyes

Step 2: Draw a line like the sketch 2 in the reference image, it will work as the baseline for eyebrows

Step 3: Next draw a vertical line intersecting the centre of the oval/circle like sketch 3

Step 4: Draw the base for cheeks and chin like shown in sketch 4 to get the basic shape of the face, you can vary shape of the cheek lines and how they are joined at the chin based on how you want the face cut to beHow to draw a Face

Step 5: Next partition the intersecting line like in the sketch 5, they are going to work as a base for hairline, eyes, nose and lips
Step 6: Then draw the ears, start from the eyebrows baseline and end in between the nose or eye line based on how big you want the ears to be
Step 7: Draw the basic shapes for eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips using the base lines
Step 8: Then add details to the facial features
How to draw a Face

Step 9: Now draw her hair, the hairline is where you should start the roots How to draw a Face
Step 10:Now, finally trace the draft sketch on a new layer and erase or lower the opacity of the first sketch layer to get a clean outline. And, add some shading and a bit of detail  if you want toHow to draw a Face
And you are done !How to draw a Face
Hope you guys found this helpful, feel free to ask if have any questions.
I used the Details brush from my Custom Painting Brush Pack for the sketches  


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