Why and How to use Muzenik Procreate Painting Brushes : A Guide for Beginners

Today I’m going to share why I think you will love my Custom Procreate Painting Brushes  and how exactly to use each one of them for the best possible outcomes with some examples.  

Muzenik Procreate Brushes

Why I think you will love my brushes

✔️My Custom Procreate Painting set includes 10 different brushes and each one of them are unique and made to make your drawing experience in Procreate more fun and, more effective. They will help you create the best artwork you are capable of creating utilising whatever level of experience you have without having to worry about which brushes to for what

✔️You get several options for sketching and outlining, each one of them will give you a different feel, my personal favourite for sketching is the details brush, with this versatile pressure sensitive Details Brush you can make aesthetically pleasing sketches and, the same brush can be used for coloring and adding details to any kind of drawing

✔️The 3 Blending Brushes enable you to blend colors effortlessly yet effectively. Use the soft blending brush for smooth blending, grainy to get a grainy texture and for a rough texture use the rough blending brush. The soft blending brush is the one I use the most

✔️Work on shading using the shading brush

✔️Create Glow effect instantly with the Glow brush 

✔️This set cones with 12 free stamp brushes that are fun to use

How to use each one of the brushes from my Procreate Painting Brushes:

  1. The Sketch Brush : Ideal for practice sketches and, also a good option for inking and calligraphy. The strokes are loose and solid; the flow of the strokes can be controlled with the amount of pressure applied on screen.
  2. The Pen Brush : Works kinda like a pen. The strokes are narrow and pointed towards both ends. I use this brush to draw lashes mostly, and sometimes to detail hair. 
  3. The Brush Pen : Feels just like ink but with little bit of texture, and gives a traditional feel. Can be used for manga style art, and sketching as well if you like your line art to have slight texture 
  4. The Pencil Brush  : Does what the name says, works like pencil. Great for drawing thin and bold lines without spontaneously changing size, just use pressure to control the volume of the stroke 
  5. The Details Brush  : My absolute favourite for neat line art ! It’s a versatile pressure sensitive brush which gives you total control, no pressure/little pressure will give you very light shade of the chosen colour and it keeps getting close to the exact colour you are using gradually accordingly as you keep increasing pressure. This brush  can be used to create  clean and aesthetically pleasing sketches. The same brush can be used for coloring and adding details to any kind of drawing. Just give yourself sone time and you will get used to and will be able to control how it’s meant to be.
  6. The Rough Blending Brush : Feels dry and mixes colours while leaving a rough texture, perfect for those who prefers not so smooth blending. I use this blending only when I add any background 
  7. The Grainy Blending Brush : Another favourite ! Leaves a light grainy texture, another go to brush for blending background colours. Recently I have been using it to add  blush to my girls. 
  8. The Soft Blending Brush : My absolute favourite for blending ! I love this brush so much. It mages your blending process a whole lot better, easy and quite effective. Not only that but it’s quite satisfying to use 
  9. The Shading Brush  : Shading made easy! Just select and work on shading, it will automatically make the colours darker for you, no need to pick a darker shade  or change blend modes
  10. The Glowing Lines Brush : As the name says it enables  you to create beautiful glow effect in an instant 

Hope you guys found this guide helpful. And, I am so sorry for the bad audio quality, I had to use a pair of  old headphones to record and ended up with this but, I will try update as soon as I can.

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